PlasticAlypse is a PC game created by gaming enthusiasts for other gaming enthusiasts. We know how much it sucks to play a game that involves loot boxes, microtransactions, or freemium, for which you have to constantly pay. PlasticAlypse is different – there’s none of that bullshit, just pure, clean and fun gaming experience. PlasticAlypse also delivers a message to bring awareness about ocean pollution. That is the main theme of the game, and It’s not just another shooter looter – it combines all the great features you would want from adventure type game: exploration, storytelling, crafting and survival.

The world of PlastycAlypse

You will start your plasticalyptic journey with your own submarine and a small crew at the bottom of the ocean. The environment is heavily polluted with trash and mutants which will test your skills. As a captain, you travel across the map and different regions, complete quests, collect materials, craft things and try to survive. As you travel along and explore the world around you, you will slowly start to understand what happened to Earth and why you are exploring only underwater. Also, get to know your crew better, every member has a different personality and motivation. Your character submarine levels up and can improve navigation, fighting, engineering, and leadership. As you go across the underwater journey, you will upgrade your submarine by crafting your tools and collecting recyclable resources from the trash.